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The ORCO Sportsman's Association is in Geneva Township in Northeast Ohio. The Association consists of about 300 men and women from all walks of life who enjoy competitive and recreational shooting and the camaraderie that it affords. Association members include active duty and retired police men and women. The Association owns a ten point 50 foot indoor shooting range and 50, 100, and 200 yard outdoor shooting ranges on about 100 acres of land. Its mission is to promote firearms safety, education, marksmenship, and sportsmanship. All members belong to the National Rifle Association and support the individual right to keep and bear arms for competitive shooting, recreational shooting, hunting, and for self-defense. This is a members only club and the ranges are open to members and guests only. However, some events are announced locally as open to the public. The initiation fee is $100 and annual dues are $195. If you wish to join but do not know any members, you should attend events without bringing firearms and get to know the members. All events are scheduled on the calendar.

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Important Announcements Listed Below

National Matches At Camp Perry Are Cancelled This Year

PPC Is Cancelled For The Season

Solon Sportsmen's Association Information



As a courtesy to members who drive a long distance to the range and then find out that the range is reserved for a training or competitive event, all range events should be scheduled on this calendar in advance. Contact Ken or Keith to schedule an event on the ORCO website calendar. Whoever posts an event on the website calendar should add their name to the post so that conflicts can be resolved.

Click Here To Access The ORCO Sportsman's Calendar

The 50 yard pistol range is now available for use.

· Avoid the newly seeded areas, walk on the established grass please.
· Some of the old tubes for targets are still in the ground and can be used, however to be safe you may want to bring your target holder (approved plans for a target holder are attached to the bylaws).
· Be certain all rounds impact the back stop.

The 100/200 yard range may be closed again as needed, updates will be sent out.

The online calendar will be updated to reflect range closures. Emails will be sent out as quickly as possible as well. The range will likely NOT be closed until September 1 as listed on the calendar.

***Please note new options have been created for the web calendar. Separate headings for the 50 yard range and 100/200 yard range now exist. Please read the online calendar carefully.***

We will do our best to keep all of you updated in the most timely manner possible. Emails will be sent out as quickly as possible.

The calendar on the website will be updated. Please note “tentative” closure dates are green. When word is received that work is beginning, the color will change to red. Please read the calendar “events” carefully!

If word is received during the day that work is beginning, chances are the changes will appear on the calendar BEFORE emails get sent out!

(I can’t send out emails while I am at work, so please be patient with me- Newsletter Editor)


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Range Ventilation Update

Video Of March 15th Test

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